Mauritius, a tax haven? “In some ways, the definition [of that term] is in the eyes of the beholder,” reckons Will Fitzgibbon, reporter with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). But, adds the journalist, that is how tax inspectors across West Africa refer to Mauritius.

Fitzgibbon is the author of an article on the Mauritius-Senegal tax treaty, published last week by the ICIJ in the wake of its West Africa Leak series. Article which the Economic Development Board rebutted strongly. Rabin Bhujun of ION News met with the coordinator of Africa and Middle East partnerships with ICIJ in Washington on May 31st.

The ICIJ reporter reckons that Mauritius “is already doing a lot in terms of showing the willingness to be seen to be acting”. Citing as example the Financial Services Commission reaction to the Paradise Papers revelations about Angola and the Angola Sovereign Wealth Fund.