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Online education start-up Dūcere ventures into Mauritius. The Australian organisation, which was launched but two years ago, has chosen the University of Mauritius for its first international partnership.

The “‘made in moris’ label should not just be limited to products”, but should open up to include services, and education is the next big thing, asserts Kailesh Gunesh, Managing Director of Dūcere Mauritius. “We have world class companies here. We need to have world class employees.” As from next year, local students will be able to enrol for an MBA in Innovation and Leadership and benefit from Dūcere’s platform and extensive network.

The programme in itself is innovative, asserts Kailesh Gunesh, in that it is “practical”. Students will be required to hand in three projects, articulated around core notions, that will be carried out with “industry partners”. Of the ten inaugural companies with which Dūcere hopes to launch its Mauritian venture – hopefully in February 2015 –, the online education organisation has already harnessed Vivo Energy, Ceridian and State Informatics Ltd.

Although good grades are important, contends Kailesh Gunesh, some skills required in the workplace can’t be “learned in a book”. Which is where the Dūcere Global Faculty steps in. This groups comprises leaders of various backgrounds and from different fields, e.g. Nobel peace prize winner Desmond Tutu, who share their expertise and life experience.

Of the “leaders in Mauritius” who will also be asked to join the Global Faculty, says Kailesh Gunesh, Romeela Mohee, vice-chancellor of the University of Mauritius, Jane Valls, CEO of the Mauritius Institute of Directors, and Valérie Rawat, CEO of Apollo Bramwell Hospital have already agreed.


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