In 2012 Twitter acquired Vine who was only a few months old. Following acquisition, the micro-blogging platform nurtured the app before presenting it to the world in January 2013.

Twitter and Vine: A Complementary Relationship

Today Vine has 40 Million users, a whopping figure that translates the big enthusiam towards the  app which recently turned one. With a second thought, it is not surprising since wildly popular Twitter is raising the mobile app under its wings.

Success: Creativity and Simplicity

A couple of months after hitting general availability in 2013, Vine made it as the most downloaded app on iOS. Today the vide-sharing app is among the top downloads across different platforms.

“Like tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (six seconds or less) inspires creativity, ” Twitter said when it launched Vine last year.

Vine`s success indeed lies in the fact that it strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and creativity.

“It’s a new medium; it’s incredibly easy to produce videos with Vine, and I think that’s not necessarily been available to everyone in the past,” Colin Kroll one of the co-founders of the platform explained during an interview with the Telegraph.

Source: The Telegraph, Mashable

Credit image: The Telegraph