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[Vidéo] Dr Ramkoosalsing: «L’addiction ne se guérit pas, il faut un traitement à vie»

Il existera toujours des personnes fragiles exposées à la consommation problématique de drogues et il leur faut des soins à vie et apprendre à vivre avec. C’est ce qu’a fait ressortir le psychiatre Vinod Ramkoosalsing, cette semaine, au Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, lors d’une conférence-débat sur les politiques de drogues à Maurice. Celui qui est à l’origine du programme de substitution à la méthadone à Maurice argue, d’entrée, que les

The silence of Health care professionals of the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life

This week, the Minister of Health, the Honourable Anil Gayan, announced some fundamental changes that will affect public health in the months and years to come. He remained quite vague as to what would be a suitable alternative to the Methadone Substitution Therapy – calling this medicine a Dangerous Drug, and at the same time, saying that the government has become a drug trafficker (Commission on Drugs – take note).

Why a zero tolerance approach against drugs will fail

Many countries are distancing themselves from the failed War on Drugs, by adopting drug policy reforms that are focusing on human rights, and public health, since the “tough on drugs” approach is not working and represents a massive loss of money that could be used more efficiently and has caused more harm than good. In the United States of America for example, the country that initiated the failed War on Drugs, 23 States

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