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2017: An opportunity to reset our mindset and attitude

There are many indications which suggest that the year 2016 was a turning point in history. From terrorist attacks to migrant crisis and surprising electoral outcomes, 2016 will probably be chosen by future historians as the year that marked our real entry into the 21st century. The events that occurred during 2016 might appear as unrelated at first glance but whether we are journalists, politicians or ordinary citizens, it is

Could Big Data be the next prophet’s tool?

Some weeks back, UK and a big portion of the rest of the world were awed and probably shocked by the result of the referendum to poll public opinion upon whether UK should remain or leave EU. This event is now better known as the ‘Brexit’. But why was the result so surprising? Couldn’t it have been predicted given the knowledge derivable from computing and information technology? Well, most probably

Media and Politics: The Intricate “Invisible Link”

Nowadays political news is actively focused on mean campaigns, elections, state affairs, international diplomatic conflicts and scandals. From this outlook, the relationship between the press and politics is much more complex and controversial. “Political pressures is not an unusual happening among media professionals as they often lead to practice “bad political advocacy journalism” instead of “constructive journalism” – a sceptical and unethical concept based on the manipulations of facts while

MMM at the crossroads

After suffering the traumatic experience of being annihilated at the last general elections, one would have thought that after licking its wounds, the MMM was over the worse. Definitely not, not even in your wildest dreams. Mind, it is not surprising because over the years, the MMM has become adept at shooting itself in the foot, so this was no exception. I am not sure how many times I have

Of Politics and Politicians in Mauritius – That ‘facepalm’ Feeling! (II)

Politics, n: [Poly “many” + tics “blood-sucking parasites”] – Larry Hardiman Watching the parliamentary debates always provides a good avenue for comic relief for me personally, as I listen to the extent to which MPs can stoop to launch into personal attacks on their opponents, more often than not, resorting to the pettiest tactics such as mudslinging, name-calling and character assassination. I still recall arguments that sound as if they

Of Politics and Politicians in Mauritius – That ‘facepalm’ Feeling! (I)

Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river. – Nikita Khrushchev We have a rare breed of politicians in Mauritius. They are unequalled in the language they speak, the tactics they use and the venom they lash out, seemingly a species which oft’ times has been misunderstood. It would look as if they were never properly trained in the art

[Vidéo] Tickets : Bérenger évoque les problèmes, Pravind Jugnauth joue la conciliation

Les attitudes publiques de Paul Bérenger et de Pravind Jugnauth sur la question de l’attribution des tickets au sein du Remake 2000 divergent. Le premier évoque ouvertement les problèmes à régler et précise que le MMM a déjà envisagé d’aller seul aux prochaines élections générales et peut toujours le faire. Tandis que Pravind Jugnauth joue la conciliation en affirmant que les négociations n’ont pas à être conclues tout de suite.

Mauritius tops non-extractive countries in Afrobarometer survey on transparency

Mauritius emerged with top honours among non-extractive industry countries on an Afrobarometer survey on transparent and accountable governance. Afrobarometer, which measures the social, political, and economic atmosphere in Africa, recently surveyed 34 African countries on the topic of oil and mining, of which 22 countries count mineral or oil production as critical to economic development. The island economy also came third overall among both extractive and non-extractive countries with Botswana

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