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Of James Comey, Public Servants and the National Interest: “A Higher Loyalty”

Almost exactly one year ago James Comey was fired as FBI director by Donald Trump. He has written a book entitled “A Higher Loyalty: Truths, Lies and Leadership”. During the month of April 2018 he was on all major TV channels giving interviews about his motivation and these can be viewed on YouTube. The U.S. He was a public servant who had served different political masters – at least three

Meade and Mauritius: Rendons à César…

The celebration of the fifty years of independence of Mauritius has provided an opportunity for the media to look back at what has been achieved from where we started.  This is a good initiative that will inform the younger generation about the path travelled. However, it is unfortunate that most “experts” are perpetuating a fallacy – “fake” news in today’s parlance – about Meade: namely that the Nobel prize winner

[En Live] Plateforme M dissèque le budget 2016/2017 lors d’une nouvelle émission, ce lundi 5 septembre

ION News et le groupe de réflexion Plateforme M s’associent pour vous proposer une émission de débat en live chaque premier lundi du mois. Pour la première édition du débat, c’est le budget 2016-2017 qui sera disséqué par deux invités : Amedée Darga, directeur de Straconsult et Nikhil Treebhoohun, président d’Oxford International Consultants. Le débat sera animé par Selvam Poonoosamy, directrice de MIndAfrica. Connectez-vous sur notre site ou sur notre page

Uncertainties over tax treaty with India impacting negatively on business

Investors are adopting a “wait and watch approach” in routing their money through Mauritius into India amid bilateral tax treaty uncertainties, which is also impacting the island nation’s financial services sector. According to a leading industry body ‒ Global Finance Mauritius (GFM) ‒, continuing uncertainties over the tax treaty with India are having a negative impact on employment opportunities as well as existing jobs in the island nation’s financial services industry. “The uncertainty (over

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