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[Blog] “It is a war that we must win and WE WILL WIN”…

Au cours du discours sur le Budget présenté par l’honorable Pravind Jugnauth, cette déclaration audacieuse : «It is a war that we must win and WE WILL WIN», doit avoir résonné aux oreilles de nombreuses personnes pour de mauvaises raisons. Le Premier ministre faisait référence à la guerre contre les drogues actuellement menée par le gouvernement de Maurice. Cette déclaration trouve sa place dans un film de série B. Qui conseille le Premier ministre en

Mauritius: The first Drug free country in the world!

Hide your sugar. Hide your coffee. For as announced by our illustrious members of parliament on Tuesday: The aim is to make Mauritius become the first drug free country in the world. Even after the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) admitted that the idea of a Drug free world is unachievable and had unintended consequences, Mauritius aims to set itself apart by adopting a strategy that is

The vilification of Harm Reduction – A recipe for disaster

Over the past few months, civil society working in the field of harm reduction in Mauritius have faced various threats; false information has been spread on NGO staff, false accusations on the way the programme is run, and our funding model and process are being targeted (in the hope that we stop being vocal). Throughout these months of constant non-stop pressure, I have seen my colleagues break down in tears

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