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Guns shot down: Facebook to delete illegal posts on its platform

Gun control proponents went on a crusade against Facebook and, under increasing pressure, the social media platform agreed to delete posts offering to buy or sell illegal guns. Not only that but Facebook-owned Instagram will also apply same policy. The new reform will be rolled out in weeks to come, with Facebook saying in a statement that “we will remove reported posts that explicitly indicate a specific attempt to evade

Facebook may buy drones to bring the Internet to isolated communities!

A report from TechCrunch suggests that the social networking giant will gobble up Titan Aerospace, a manufacturer of solar powered drones, for $60 million, to bring the internet to some 5 billion people without connectivity around the world. Amazon is not the only tech giant which dreams about these flying machines. Facebook aspires to pilot (fasten your seat belt!) a whopping 11,000 high-altitude self-driven drones that can stay in the

Facebook redirige ces courriels directement dans votre boîte mail

Saviez-vous que vous aviez un compte e-mail de Facebook ? Comme d’autres internautes, vous ne vous en servez probablement pas. Même si on peut vous envoyer des messages sur [votre nom d’utilisateur] Sauf que, selon Facebook, ce service est très peu utilisé. Le réseau social a donc décidé de le supprimer… Et de rediriger les courriels destinés à votre e-mail Facebook vers l’adresse que vous avez fournie lors de votre enregistrement.

Facebook and WhatsApp Alliance worth an eye-popping $19 billion!

Facebook came with an exciting announcement on Wednesday. After being rebuffed by Snapchat, the largest social network set eyes on WhatsApp. The alliance has been formalized yesterday when Facebook announced that it will spend $19 billion for the acquisition of the five year-old messaging service. The deal covers $12 billion in stock, $4 billion in cash and approximately $3 billion in restricted shares, Facebook indicated in a statement. For those

Facebook breaks down barriers by offering new gender options

Your sexual orientation does not matter on Facebook. The largest social network has rolled out dozens of new gender options to help LGBT users, display who they really are. Since this week, everyone who uses Facebook in US English can now select a gender from a list compiling 50 options. Previously, users could only select either male or female but now, by choosing the “custom” option that sits in the

Facebook: 10 years, 10 milestones

From Harvard University’s dorm room to conquering the world, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has been through a long journey. As the world’s richest and, maybe most influential, kid-on-the-block celebrates its 10th anniversary, today is an excellent opportunity to recall 10 defining moments of a roller-coaster adventure. #1 Most Facebook users are probably not aware of it but before “Thefacebook”, Zuckerberg with a few university friends launched Facemash in October 2003. The

Combien de temps avez-vous passé sur Facebook ?

Lundi le 4 février prochain, cela fera dix ans que Mark Zuckerberg a lancé son site, The Facebook, avec quelques amis dans son dortoir à Harvard. Rebaptisé Facebook, le site a depuis attiré quelque 1,1 milliard d’utilisateurs. L’occasion pour de lancer son application en ligne pour estimer le temps passé sur le réseau social devenu, aujourd’hui, incontournable. Selon le site du magazine américain, Facebook ne publie pas le nombre d’heures qu’un

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