Tell me your thoughts about this epic match people. I wanna hear it all!!

Sorry. This is gonna be long, but I have to explain.

15 minutes before the kick off of the Spain-Netherlands fixture, I said that I should be supporting Netherlands because of Robin Van Persie (RVP) and Louis Van Gaal (LVG). Simply because, as you know now, I’m a die-hard fan of Manchester United (MUFC) and RVP is one of our star players and LVG is the one taking over MUFC next season. And if I said “but my love for Spain is greater”, it’s only because in La Liga my favourite team is Barcelona and most players of the Spanish Squad are from this team (including my BENCHED future husband, Juan Mata, who plays at Manchester too). See the dilemma here? Now you know why I was “divided”.

But what happened?

Costa was clearly clipped but it appeared he moved his foot intentionally to get brought down. Hmm but La Roja’s fans say it’s a legit penalty. Personally? No, after watching the replay, it was as legit as the penalty given to Brazil when Fred was fouled. (And now you know I’m a big fan of La Seleçao 🙂 )

Then… Then came that lovely goal from RVP. Out of nothing. It was a fantastic ball long from Blind and RVP peeled off Ramos and launched himself at the ball, executing a diving head which looped over Casillas and into the net. People, the guy has had a quiet game but that was pure class. Anyway, that’s when my inner Mancunian Godess screamed: “He’s from Old Trafford!”

To be honest (to you and to myself), I wasn’t expecting that. Spain looked like they were cruising into a half time lead but RVP popped up with a beautiful goal to bring the Dutch level.

RVP 13juin

(Photo: Jeff Gross/Getty Images via FIFA)

To be fair (God I’m being so honest and fair today 🙂 ), the reigning Champions have been on top and Netherlands have been chasing the game but RVP has got them right back into it just before the break.

From there it was GAME ON!!!!

LVG’s men turned it around, barged in front when Arjen Robben scored. Busquets sloppily gave the ball away and it was a sweeping move from the Dutch before Blind paid another lovely pass, and Robben brought it down beautifully before teasing the Spanish defence and firing home.

Another delicate ball over the Spanish defence from Blind, and yet another Netherlands goal. This time Robben made the run, nipping in behind Gerard Pique and finishing via a deflection.

Came Sneijder’s deep free kick which sailed to the back post where Vrij was there to nod it home.

By then I was shocked, happy, disappointed, well, a strange mixture of feelings. 🙁

As if it was not bad enough as it was, RVP grabbed his second after a massive error from Casillas whose terrible touch allowed the Manchester United man to nip in and poke it home. It’s now a 4-1 for Netherlands.

You can imagine my state of mind… Proud of RVP, hopeful for LVG’s coming at OT and disgusted for my future husband’s team mates.

Yeah, then the Dutch decided I wasn’t confused enough so Robben outpaced Ramos in a one-on-one foot race, and then had the poise to spin past both the defender and Casillas before calmly slotting home. 5-1 it was. 5-1 against World Champions Spain!

However, Casillas did a great save down low before Robben unleashed a brilliant volley which the Spain keeper does well to beat away.

“If only he did that five goals ago”… Spanish fans thinking!!

My reaction at full time? Wow. Just wow… Not even the craziest of Dutch fan would have expected that one. I did my research and this is the first time Spain has conceded five goals in a game since losing to Scotland 6-2 in 1963.

The World Champions well and truly humiliated by a Holland side playing the sort of fast, exciting football they became famous for decades ago.

Robben and Van Persie the stars, Daley Blind the hero, Diego Costa the villain.

Three games into the 2014 World Cup and I’ll undeniably qualify this one as a classic. An unforgettable classic.

Ah people. I’m so wishing that the forthcoming fixtures are as exciting as the one I saw today!!