If you thought that it is just a matter of time before the social media fuelled selfie’s apocalypse draws near, like that of previous trends that came and went, you probably have it wrong.

Enter SELFIE, the ‘Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine’; a mirror that can automatically take snapshots of you whenever you are smiling at it and then post them on Twitter without any human intervention.

Black magic? Worry not! Snow White’s evil step mother is not behind the initiative but iStrategyLabs, an American digital agency. In fact, there is an arsenal of technology including a Mac, a web cam and LED lights, concealed in the 2-way-mirror.

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The Mac comes with a facial recognition software, so that the smart mirror knows whenever someone is striking a smiling pose in front of it. Then the LED lights switch on to signify that the photos will be snapped. Finally, the user’s photos are tweeted with a watermark!

Let’s say that Ellen DeGeneres’ wish has been fulfilled! Remember, along with the Oscar selfie she posted on her Twitter account, DeGeneres noted, “If only Bradley’s arm was longer”! This makes the mirror truly a dream come true, as you can strike any pose without having a device dangling at the end of your arm.

“The hands-free selfie is a tagline we’re playing around with,” the Chief marketing officer of iStrategy labs told Mail Online.

Gosh, amazing, freakish, mamma-mia; the qualifiers are many but one question still resonates – can these photos still be called selfies in the absence of stretched arms in the shots?

It requires some thinking but if you are still a buff of the invention, you will have to wait before it goes on sale. Elsewhere, the company is thinking of equipping a couple of bars with the mirrors. Brace yourself, more drunk selfies are paving their way on Twitter!

Source: Mashable, Mail Online – Image: iStrategyLabs