Chris Pierce was the lead author of the 2016 version of the National Code of Corporate Governance. The country cannot however afford to wait for another 12 to 13 years for another code, he explains. From his standpoint as an international authority on corporate governance, Chris Pierce believes that the National Committee on Corporate Governance should make the code evolve on a regular basis, so as to prepare private companies and statutory bodies to rise up to new governance challenges.

The CEO of Global Governance Services stresses that the same rules of reporting, transparency and disclosure apply to companies as well as statutory bodies. Despite the fact that many of their board members are political nominees. But from his interaction with the management of some public utilities, Chris Pierce believes that some institutions might be going in the right direction. Specially when they are backed by political will.

Chris Pierce is actually in Mauritius for a series of training and consultation workshops at the invitation of the National Committee of Corporate Governance.