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Microsoft has been the talk of the town during the week-end. Paul Thurrott, a tech blogger, reported on Saturday that the Redmond-based technological major is planning to ship Windows 9 as from April 2015.

Back to Square One and…

Microsoft seeks to bring a new lease of life to its business by revamping its iconic Windows operating system after endless criticisms on the latest version of the product.

According to Thurrott, a reporter who is intimately linked with the tech giant, Windows 8 has not spawned tremendous interest since its launch, as sales would have otherwise have gone meteoric.

It seems that Windows 9, codenamed Threshold, is still nascent. Microsoft is however expected to lay both its agenda and strategies around its vision during the annual BUILD Developer conference, to be hosted by the company in April.

….Back to Basics

With Windows 8, Microsoft has put users on a steady diet as it does not include the ‘start menu’. If rumors are true, the cherished feature should pave its way back into the 2015 major release along with ‘Metro 2.0’, which will bring a major change to Windows’ environment and the way users interact with their devices.

Yet it is safe to assume that Microsoft will bounce back earlier on the market by including the ‘Start menu’ in update 2 for Windows 8.1, not later than this year itself.

2013 has not been rosy for Microsoft, with the PC market declining to its lowest in an increasingly mobile world. Will the company look up this year with updates that concern Windows Phone as well?


Source: winsupersite, businessinsider

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