A number of high profile, leading litigators and employment law practitioners of the Mauritius legal profession and domestic business community have decided to join Africa’s largest law firm, ENSafrica.

In December last year, when the largest and oldest firm of attorneys in Mauritius De Comarmond & Koenig entered into a joint venture with ENSafrica, actually ENSafrica (Mauritius), it sent shock waves rippling through the Mauritius legal market.

At that time, it was expected that this development could herald the start of a major shift in the historically stable legal market – with other Mauritian lawyers following suit – but such a major move in such a short while was unexpected.

In an unprecedented move, Maxime Sauzier SC, Varuna Bunwaree and Carolyn Desvaux de Marigny as well as Jaykar Gujadhur and Yashina Leckram have announced that they have joined ENSafrica as from June 1st, 2014.

The arrival of the new team which is seen as a major move in the market, is on the other hand, intended to consolidate the firm’s position in building up an unparalleled domestic practice in Mauritius.

“We are very pleased that Maxime, Jaykar, Varuna, Carolyn and Yashina have decided to join ENSafrica (Mauritius),” said Thierry Koenig SA, Head of ENSafrica (Mauritius).

“This is a major development that will undoubtedly strengthen our law practice and create an unparalleled force in the Mauritius legal market,” he added.

For his part, the Chief Executive of ENSafrica, Piet Faber evidenced his delight that “such high profile and leading litigators and employment law practitioners are joining the current Mauritian team.”

“ENSafrica (Mauritius) is already a success, and has very promising future development potential. Mauritius is definitely part of the footprint that ENSafrica is establishing throughout Africa,” he added.

The team of ENSafrica (Mauritius) comprises of Thierry Koenig SA, Martine de Fleuriot de la Coliniere, Raj Ragobur, Vanesha Babooa, Mahejabeen Chatoo, Sindhia Potayya, Rachel Wan, and Stephanie Sundanum, as well as Camille Desvaux de Marigny, Xavier Koenig and Pravin Barthia.

ENSafrica comprises over 620 legal, forensic, tax and intellectual property practitioners and currently operates out of its office situated across Africa.

ENSafrica (Mauritius) is a full-service law firm with expertise covering all aspects of corporate and commercial law, banking, merger and acquisitions, construction, tax, employment, litigation, intellectual property and insolvency, and is the standing legal adviser to various major public listed Mauritian companies and conglomerates.

Image (African Press Organization): In an unprecedented move, Carolyn Desvaux de Marigny; Maxime Sauzier SC; Varuna Bunwaree Goburdhun and Jaykar Gujadhur (left to right) have announced that they have joined ENSafrica as from June 1st, 2014.

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