• So Danny how are you? What are the latest news about you?

I have been out from riding for the last 8 months, had a knee reconstruction operation. I have bought a restaurant franchise in Brisbane/Australia, and hope to open in approximately three months.

  • What is your best memory in Mauritius so far?

The racing has a great vibe, so enthusiastic. Beautiful country and beautiful people.

  • And worldwide?

Riding successful in 5 different countries.

  • Can you tell us a bit about your career worldwide?

I have really enjoyed riding in different countries, because every country has a different style of racing, which is very good for my experience. Now buying a restaurant adds a new career to my life.

  • What’s your worst racing experience?

I don’t regret any racing experience.

  • If you were a horse, which would it be?

Black Caviar.

  • What’s the best horse you’ve ridden so far? Here in Mauritius and outside Mauritius?

In the Mauritius, Salute The Star, and in the World: Etoile.

  • If you had an advice for race goers…

To keep supporting the racing industry and praise all people involved in the industry.

  • What are your plans for the future?

To recover from my injured knee and come back to Mauritius, the country I love the best.

Danny Craven4