Microsoft organized the second round table discussion on the advance of technology and its implications for individuals and companies yesterday, June 11, 2014 at the Microsoft Head Office in Port-Louis.

This exchange session had as guest speakers Frederic de Comarmond, Director of goCloud and Saheel Khoyratty, Partner Technology Strategist of Microsoft, Indian Ocean and Pacific Francophone.

The workshop enabled participants to gain an in-depth understanding of the various changes in the technological field, notably the latest development in terms of cloud storage.

Nowadays, experts have realized that people are increasingly switching from computers and laptops to smartphones and tablets.

The reason behind is that they want to reduce dependence on fixed workstations or stationary desktops and gain access to their data at anytime and anywhere.

“Having access to information anywhere and anytime is a must in this society of instant gratification,” said Saheel Khoyratty.

“We are here to give users the opportunity to choose not just any device but the right device, the one which better suits their needs,” he added.

However, in this era of new technology not everyone is ready to keep pace with the latest developments. Indeed, some people are actually reluctant to use these new tools, because embracing change means putting in more effort to understand and adopt new technologies.

“Some employees, such as computer technicians, are reluctant to embrace these changes because they fear losing their jobs. Hence, they stay within the comfort zone of the old, well-known and outdated technology, limiting the growth of their organizations in the process of shunning change,” said Frederic de Comarmond.

“Those people must realize that such changes are not taking place to replace them but rather to help companies and individuals. Moreover, they should expect changes to occur in their field as technology keep on evolving. They should accordingly prepare themselves to embrace these changes, and at the same time see the opportunities that it gives them,” he added.

Frederic de Comarmond ended the discussion by stating that the Mauritian economy has changed and it is critical to realize that nowadays all companies rely on internet connections to function smoothly and efficiently.

“Without constant connectivity, the Mauritian economy cannot function today. Companies should not limit themselves to one internet connection. Stability and quality are the key words when speaking of internet connections and Mauritius is far from achieving global standards,” he concluded.

–          By Cecilia Samoisi

Image (Cecilia Samoisi): The roundtable held yesterday at the Microsoft head-office in Port Louis enabled participants to gain an in-depth understanding of the various changes in the technological field, notably cloud storage.

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